Information on Spatialeye will be available Oct-Dec Quarter 2015.

EYEfi Navigator is an intuitive map-based graphical user interface (GUI) that enables EYEfi customers to effortlessly navigate and control all field devices, environmental, spatial information and situational reports.

EYEfi® Navigator has been purpose built to include real-time video, GPS tracking and a system dashboard for environmental and network monitoring, historical data and various optional plugin modules that deliver innovative capabilities such as geo-targeting, incident management, lightning detection and other manual and automated features.

Situational awareness is at the centre of EYEfi's core design philosophy. To achieve this, EYEfi servers aggregate and process visual, spatial and environmental data from fixed and mobile devices in the field leveraging EYEfi's intelligent Remote Gateway Device (RGD). This data is processed with other system data, weather information and GIS information; enabling an entirely new level of situational awareness.

EYEfi Navigator provides users with a suite of optional ‘plugin’ capabilities for industry-specific scenarios, such as

  • Geovideo - spatial targeting technology that enables the camera to pin-point geographical locations in the real-world

  • AIM - automated incident management, GPS tracking, job dispatch and work-flow management for EYEfi vehicle based solutions 

  • VED - early detection technology that provides real-time visual tracking of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes, with optional plume monitoring

  • API - Application Programming Interface that connects the back-end cloud system with online spatial, mapping & weather systems, with future support for 3rd party applications

For more information please see the product datasheet section to the right of this page. 

One of the many challenges for emergency services and incident response teams is being able to gain real-time situational awareness and then convey this informaiton effectively to command centre operations and other personnel.

It is also a challenge to locate and coordinate vehicular and mobile resources and most importantly, direct these resources to where they are needed most - all whilst meeting compliancy and reporting requirements.

EYEfi's Automated Incident Management Plugin for EYEfi Navigator solves many of these key issues with the following key capabilities;

  • Automated real-time incident management

  • Real-time camera control and GPS tracking

  • Job capture, dispatch, work-flow management and sms/email notifications

  • Performance dashboard and reporting capability

For more information see the product datasheet section on the right of this page. 

Effective responses to bushfires and warnings to the community need to be supported with much greater intelligence gathering, leading to improved situational awareness. 

It is well documented and understood that the first 30 minutes of a bushfire are critical; as the response efforts and costs increase exponentially from there onwards. In Australia, lightning is responsible for 26% of all fire starts and almost half of all hectares burnt each year. Due to the nature, timing and remote location of these strikes, existing monitoring methods are often unable to make a visual assessment of the situation for up to several hours.

EYEfi’s Very Early Detection operates as an EYEfi Navigator Plugin providing advanced lightning detection capability so that EYEfi Custom cameras located on fire-towers or communications towers can provide real-time notifications and visualisation of lightning strikes; well in advance of existing methods and long before a plume even appears. The technology provides the following key features; 

  • Automated targeting, tracking and notification of cloud-to-ground strikes

  • Close and severe storm activity notifications 

  • Adjustable tuning for each site to significantly reduce false positives 

  • Optional plume monitoring capability

For more information please see the product datasheet section on the right of this page. 


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