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The Emergency Services segment certainly highlights the breadth and depth of what EYEfi has to offer by demonstrating the true value of rapid deployment and mobile imagery. The impact EYEfi has on incident response times and the quality of information is significant.

The EYEfi SPARC value proposition was well and truly validated during the Black Saturday fires in 2009, when EYEfi R&D's SPARC technology found itself centre stage both during the fires and later on at the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission. EYEfi SPARC cameras and software communicate critical information about a fire's whereabouts, spatial location, environmental, micro-climate and bio-diversity data directly to users - synchronously and in real-time.

In partnership with Telstra, EYEfi cameras and environmental monitoring equipment can be fitted to State Mobile Radio towers, Fire lookout towers, communications towers or constructed as a standalone tower or pole to provide visibility from completely new vantage points throughout our National and State Forests.

Pictured Right: EYEfi SPARC solar powered cameras and equipment connected to Telstra's NextG network provided critical imagery and data during the Black Saturday fires.

EYEfi has been built specifically to provide our customers with centralised and shared visibility over assets in the public domain. 

EYEfi is a true Application Service Provider model, transforming the traditional CCTV segment by offering a centralised Telco-hosted application and switching fabric, 3G IP CCTV assets in the field and simple web browser access for clients. This approach makes the system accessible from almost anywhere, anytime and by any authorised user, offering powerful location based spatial data and environmental information that builds situational knowledge.

On a technical level, our proprietary technology has been tuned for use over pervasive 3G networks, enabling real-time monitoring of visual, telemetry and environmental information from almost any metropolitan, rural or remote location. 

As a result, EYEfi's horizontal technology cuts across many industry segments. Our development efforts and the subsequent early adoption of our technology has realised immediate benefits in the following areas;

Emergency Services The variety of uses for EYEfi cameras in rapid deployment, remote operations and mobile applications has been well documented by Victorian Government agencies and authorities over the past 4 years. Delivering much more than just remote video, EYEfi's carrier-grade managed service is built on Telstra's advanced IP data networks and NextG technology enabling EYEfi's intelligent field devices to be deployed to where you need them most and readily accessible by Government and other related entities.

Fully integrated with the Victorian Mapping and Address Service (VMAS), the EYEfi system delivers meaningful and relevant information from the front-line of any emergency situation directly to the users desktop, in real-time.  

Motorway Management - EYEfi Green poles, Trailers and our EYEfi Mobile solution for incident response vehicles have been used throughout the Victorian road network for the past 4 years. The entire Incident Management Vehicle fleet at VicRoads has been fitted with EYEfi cameras, streaming live images and GPS/event data to the Traffic Management Centre and other operational areas.

EYEfi Trailers are used throughout the year by VicRoads at major events and various road projects to monitor roadworks, new sections of arterials or recently commissioned traffic lights. EYEfi Trailers are rapidly deployed by one person and can be set-up in a matter of minutes to provide instant visibility offer traffic, roads, motorists and pedestrian behaviour.

EYEfi Green poles are completely solar powered and NextG enabled making them perfect for use in areas where power and communications infrastructure is not available. VicRoads has EYEfi Green poles installed on the Monash freeway (M1) and custom installations attached to gantry signs.

Major Projects and Events - EYEfi has provided portable trailers and custom fitted cameras for the Australian Grand Prix since 2007. The trailers are deployed the day prior to the event and provide instant visibility of the public, surrounding roads and pedestrian areas to Victoria Police, VicRoads, the Grand Prix Corporation and Yarra Trams.

The uses for EYEfi portable and mobile solutions are many and varied, offering project managers, event management and executive management visibility over any event or project, from almost anywhere in the world via direct IP network connections to the Telstra EYEfi data centre, or via our secure online gateway for ad-hoc access.

EYEfi also has a trailer hire and management service, making EYEfi trailers an affordable option for smaller projects or short-term events.

Managing the State's road infrastructure and related projects is a major challenge for Government and commercial operators. EYEfi enables operators to gain instant visibility over key infrastructure, traffic conditions, incidents, road works and related projects through the rapid deployment of our solar powered and 3G wireless cameras.

Ideal for areas challenged by the absence of communications and power infrastructure, the EYEfi Green® camera pole, EYEfi® portable trailers and the EYEfi® Mobile vehicle solution delivers images throughout the road network from places not previously possible or viable.

One of our major customers, VicRoads, rely on EYEfi's innovative rapid deployment equipment to help them better manage the State's road network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Images from VicRoads Incident Managment Vehicles are delivered onto the VicRoads network, making them available in real-time to the Traffic Management Centre staff and other authorised users as required. 

Pictured Right: EYEfi's Mobile vehicle solution connected to Telstra's NextG network delivers real-time images and location based data to road management authorities.


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