Save on cost and collection times with the Smart Sensor system for waste management. Automatic monitoring of bins provides timely details of when they are full and enables optimal route planning for collections; reducing collection times, transportation costs and ensuring unsightly overflowing bins are a thing of the past.

Smart Sensor - The innovative design enables class-leading flexibility when mounting the device in all manner of enclosures and difficult to monitor places.

  • 135°Variable angle dual ultrasonic sensors (patent applied)
  • Rugged thick walled, high impact ABS Polycarbonate

  • Reliable GPRS communication

  • Provides fill, temperature, tilt and device status

  • IP66 & IK10 rated enclosure

The Smart Hub web based application is the centre for your decision making, route creation and analysis.

The platform provided by EYEfi, as a cloud service, maintains comprehensive information on all containers being managed: their type, function, capacity, status, location and a history of events.

This information is stored in the cloud and is automatically updated as the Smart Sensors report changes to their status.  The Smart Hub management application can generate alerts if, for example, a bin is full, a fire is detected or a bin is overturned.

Bin monitoring frequency, temperature alarm thresholds, position update checks on mobile bins are all user configurable by simply logging in to Smart Hub on your PC, Smartphone or tablet.

The Smart Collect Smartphone app is used by collections vehicle operators to receive jobsassigned from Smart Hub. Information on suggested routes and estimated job duration are supplied. While completing jobs, the driver has the ability to report back to headquarters. If for any reason a bin has a problem, Smart Collect users can notify the Smart Hub supplying photographs and notes allowing the operations manager to determine what action to take.

  • Receives bin collection routes from Smart Hub

  • Collects data from the field including photos and driver notes

  • Reports unsuccessful empties

  • Alert notifications

  • Navigation between bins

  • Very simple to use and optimised for minimal clicks





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