Today more than ever, public surveillance solutions are becoming an essential tool in enabling Police to manage crime hotspots in the public domain and to investigate incidents and crimes that occur within them.   

Typical areas of concern include our public transport, trains and stations, supermarket car parks, night club precincts, shopping malls, parks, laneways, walking tracks and many more. The scenarios all vary and demand versatile, smart surveillance solutions in order to provide the maximum intelligence and evidence to Police. The safety of business operators, the travelling public, residents and the wider community is paramount. 

The EYEfi Public Safety Solution (PSC) provides a very flexible monitoring solution by utilising a pre-built and pre-configured camera unit that easily attaches to a power or street lighting pole, requiring only power delivered via mains or using our solar panel solution. As with most EYEfi products, network connectivity is via NextG and the units automatically connect into the EYEfi Cloud solution where the cameras and associated footage can be easily monitored and reviewed by Police.

EYEfi's Public Safety Camera (PSC) includes;

  • EYEfi Remote Gateway Device and an external slimline active GPS/3G antenna

  • 240Vac or solar power Options.

  • A selection of compatible Axis IP High Definition network cameras, including Advanced Gatekeeper and Object Tracking technology

  • Edge storage technology, with Cloud based redundant storage

  • Can be easily deployed onto existing poles or other structures

For more information please see the product datasheet section to the right of this page.


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