EYEfi Cloud is a situational awareness and intelligence gathering platform that enables remote monitoring of cameras, sensors, GPS tracking and environmental devices located almost anywhere in the real world.     

Key to each site deployment is EYEfi's Remote Gateway Device (RGD) - a GPS-enabled router running our custom software that connects devices (cameras, sensors, encoders, weather stations, etc) to the cloud via fixed or wireless IP networks. 

EYEfi Cloud has an intuitive map-based user interface, EYEfi Navigator, that provides users with ease of navigation and control over field equipment and associated information, and includes a suite of optional ‘plugin’ capabilities.

EYEfi Cloud is a shared system that enables multiple customers and end-users to control - and if authorised, share - camera streams, sensor, environmental and spatial data; providing entirely new levels of intelligence gathering, situational awareness and collaboration across multiple stakeholders. 

To learn more about how EYEfi technology can help your situation, see our Case Studies area or checkout the product pages for details.   



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